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Engagement Models

We deeply value our clients' requirements, comfort levels, and vision. We offer various industry-leading engagement models for our clients to choose from as they deem appropriate. We do provide our recommendations based on our vast experience of successfully working with and delivering projects for businesses of varying sizes and process maturity levels.

Our client engagement types include

✔ Fixed Cost                  

✔ Time and Material    

✔ Dedicated Resources

We partner with our clients' in ways that are most beneficial and suitable for their needs.

Our clients' success is our success.

Engagements                        - flexible ways of working..

Fixed Cost
Time & Material
Dedicated Resources

Project Requirements 

& Scope

Well Defined End-to-End right at the start

Flexibility for dynamic and updating scope, 

as the project progresses

Fully client managed

Updates, Changes 

& Revisions


As and when required, based on mutual agreement

Fully client managed

Project Planning 

& Management

EleTech Global

EleTech Global, in consultation with client

Fully client managed

Technical Professionals

EleTech Global

EleTech Global

Employed by EleTech Global, managed by client


Milestone based

Recurring billing – amount of work based 


Recurring billing – calendar based 



Pre-agreed cost and timeline clarity

- Flexibility of updating strategy, ideas and requirements

- Achieving success with various smaller predictable targets that are visible and planned

- Expert professionals fully dedicated at your disposal

- Define, run and fully own your projects

- No need to deal with direct employment liabilities or hiring formalities/expenses

Ideal For

Small businesses

Big or long-term projects

- Clients with matured setup & processes for project & team management

- Long term engagement

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